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    09 Feb / How To Enjoy Your Sonos System Without making These Common Errors…

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    How To Enjoy Your Sonos System Without making These Common Errors…




    Before you buy your Sonos you should think about…

    • What will be your source? (NAS, computer, iPod, Internet service, Wireless or WiFi)
    • How many zones do you need?
    • What is your existing setup if any?
    • How big are your rooms/zones?
    • If you do not have a system, do you want to buy attached speakers or use an all-in-one unit
    • Do you plan to start out small and expand later?

    Our guide to choosing your Sonos system…

    The Sonos system is just awesome, it’s the best in its class and you can’t go wrong with it. Sonos is very user friendly and expandable, it’s a must for music lovers.

    For your TV room choose a Sonos play bar, sub, pair of play3s (in a stereo pair)

    For large rooms where you will focus on listening to your music choose a pair of play3s with a sub

    For large rooms where the music is more mood/background choose a single play5

    For medium sized rooms go for a play3 or if you care about stereo a pair of play1s or play3s (in a stereo pair)

    For smaller rooms a Sonos play bar, sub, pair of play1s (in stereo pair) is best.

    A Sonos controller unit is fun and lets friends add a playlist while you’re getting dinner or drinks ready. The cheapest iPod Touch available can be used for each remote.

    Also, get a Rhapsody account, it integrates with Sonos allowing for near endless sampling….have fun!

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