European & Foreign Satellite Television in London

Foreign Satellite Television Suppliers and Installers in Stamford Hill

Non-movable dish and mobile satellite TV equipment. We are industry leaders at providing and fitting a range of the best quality satellite TV technology, with the ability of picking up Euro and Asian satellite channels, and can tweak any satellite tv system to pick up an wide range of programmes in many languages, like; Arabic, Polish, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Russian, German, Italian, with loads more!. DWS obtain and configure foreign Satellite TV installs in Stamford Hill, London

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A static Foreign Satellite TV set up is an excellent alternative to Sky Digital, plus with plenty of satellites out there, there are literally thousands of Satellite TV stations to select from, depending on what you want to watch. We supply and upgrade European and foreign satellite TV equipment in Stamford Hill, London

There are lots of ‘Free’ stations where no monthly charge or subscription is needed. There are also plenty of paid membership channels and also scrambled stations. These need a security card to be viewable. Please note your Foreign satellite box will need a CAM (‘Conditional Access Module’) for scrambled stations.


# The Install Check List included
1 a FREE onsite estimate yes
2 Compatible Dish & lnb For your target satellite yes
3 High Quality Support Bracket And Mast yes
4 High Quality low loss coaxial cable yes
5 Dish alligned for the best picture by our engineer using meter yes
6 12 months parts & labour guarantee yes

Satellite TV – Movable Dish Systems

Are you wanting to pick up a wide assortment of Middle Eastern and European digital TV stations and languages that are out there? Perhaps a fully fitted digital motorised satellite dish or receiver equipment could be your solution!

The advantage of a motorised digital satellite TV setup is that the digital satellite equipment can be calibrated to pick up a digital signal from an array of satellites circling the Earth and when you want to switch which satellite you pick up stations from, it can automatically maneuver the dish to the pre-configured positions and pick up the new digital TV stations without the need for manual adjustment.

There are thousands of free digital channels available, supplying a huge mixture of entertainment in lots of different languages, plenty of which are free of charge!

There are in addition premium membership stations, and scrambled channels which need a decoding card. Please note, you will need a system with CAM (‘Conditional Access Module’) access for these channels to be unblocked.

DWS will coordinate and arrange any motorised satellite set up and install in Stamford Hill, London to suit your needs and desires, as there are lots of satellites and choices available to you.

Already got a Foreign Satellite system?

If you have a Foreign satellite TV set up and are having TV signal reception concerns, or not picking up the TV stations you want, we can carry out a thorough equipment review aimed at your needs.

One of our top professional service engineers can come to your home and meticulously examine your whole satellite TV set up, including the cables and the configuration of your box. A spectrum analyzer will make certain the satellite dish is correctly positioned; thus picking up the utmost and most powerful signal possible.

If you want to receive an alternative choice of stations and languages, DWS can re-position your static satellite TV dish to a different system. However, every time you wish to switch which satellite you pick up your channels from, with a fixed satellite system, re-aligning of the dish is needed and you'll no longer be able to pick up the prior satellite reception.

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